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D should 1, the net ready to ride out. Unexpectedly suddenly felt a pain in the back of the head, and then a black eyes, fainted in the past, fainted before d heart also asked: "Who is plotting against me?". On the other side, Ma Teng exclaimed, "Ling Ming, what are you doing?"? Why attack Meng Qi? Pound replied, "My Lord, I have offended you." Say that finish brandish knife to marten, marten immediately with a knife, but with marten's martial arts is not pound's opponent, only a few strokes, pound with the back of the knife heavily behind marten's head, marten whole person is soft to. Ezra Pound immediately stepped forward to hold Ma Teng, who was about to be soft. He was already holding Ma Chao and looking at his guard with an alert face. "What are you looking at?" He said. "Help the young Lord go quickly." Seeing that the guards next to him were unmoved and looked at him warily, Pound shouted, "Go quickly. We can't let Dai Gongzi's broken queen go to waste.". You, quickly hold the tetrarch, with a retreat to Xianyang at this time all QinBing know pound is to save marten and d two people, so a pro who immediately came forward, protecting marten. Retreat westward with Pound. Ezra pound how to stun marten and d in front of ma Dai don't know, but ma Dai saw himself rushed out, soon marten they left, also at ease. See beside MaJiaJun elite foot soldiers fell in the rain of arrows, ma Dai drink. Wamby North When Zhao Yun saw Ma Dai rushing out,die cast light housing, he couldn't help exclaiming, "Ma's son is really brave. Look at me, Zhao Yun, and I'll fight you.". As he spoke, he rode out with a gun. Seeing this, Taishi Ci on the other side scolded in a low voice, "I was beaten by Zilong. I can't. I must go back to Zilong's house with Lao Hu and Lao Zhou and drink all the wine to avenge this." Was zhaoyun robbed first, tardif also scolded a few words immediately after the foot soldiers led by flying feather bow ride and cloud ride not live wandering to ma Dai led by ma army arrows, regardless of the meeting in the play fight zhaoyun. But with zhaoyun's martial arts,socket screw plug, these arrows rain really can't hurt him. When Ma Dai saw that Zhao Yun had come out to fight him, he knew the difference between his martial arts and Zhao Yun's, so he made a move to change his life. See ma Dai ignore zhaoyun stabbed to his chest a gun, holding the broadsword to zhaoyun head. Zhaoyun see, and won't go all out with ma Dai, gentian spear, oblique pick to ma Dai split down the broadsword ding ding "three light sound, zhaoyun gentian spear has ma Dai broadsword pressed to one side, and then pick to ma Dai throat.". Just ma Dai is ready to go all out, and won't care about zhaoyun this shot, ignore, brandished a knife to zhaoyun between the neck. Zhaoyun frowned, but once again take back the gentian spear, hit ma Dai's broadsword. Wan "Ding Ding.". Two light ring, zhaoyun and ma Dai broadsword open, and then right hand a gentian spear straight into ma Dai face, ma Dai without fear, again brandished the knife between zhaoyun chest and abdomen. But since zhaoyun know ma Dai's play, metal stamping parts ,CNC machining parts, and will be fooled again, gentian spear before the potential is not reduced, left hand has been holding the hilt of the sword hanging on the horse. Ma Dai did not see the left hand of zhaoyun, eyes show some crazy look, horizontal split zhaoyun a knife speed in vain increased one point. When, With a loud noise, ma Dai's face changed dramatically, and he became very ugly for a while. He stole a glance and saw that his knife was held by the sword drawn out by zhaoyun's left hand, and zhaoyun's shot had been stabbed. Knowing that he had no chance to fight with zhaoyn, he closed his eyes in despair. Just wait for a long time did not feel the pain, Ma Dai doubts under can not help but open his eyes, but Ma Dai net opened his eyes have not seen clearly. He felt a pain in his knife-holding arm, and the broadsword in his hand fell to the ground with a "clang", and he lost his balance immediately after the blow and fell to the left. Before landing, he felt he was caught, looked up and saw zhaoyun. With a gun in one hand and Ma Dai in the other, Zhao Yun rode back to the battle. He threw Ma Dai to the ground and made him dizzy. Then he said loudly, "Tie him up!" Under the command of zhaoyun, naturally the foot soldiers of the cloud ride forward to tie up ma Dai firmly. Over there MaJiaJun see Lord will be captured alive, immediately desperate rushed forward, to save ma Dai. With a snort of anger, Zhao Yun put the tip of the gentian spear against Ma Dai's temple and shouted, "If you don't want your general to shoot the dead, kneel down immediately and ask him to surrender!" The foot soldiers of the Majiajun saw everything. MaJiaJun is marten elite troops, for MaJia is absolutely loyal, now see ma Dai was captured, are at a loss. Then a lieutenant of the Majiajun said in a loud voice, "Is it true that if we surrender, we won't hurt my general?" Zhao Yun nodded and replied, "I, Zhao Yun, will never break my promise." When the lieutenant heard this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Well, when we have finished, we should throw down our weapons and kneel down on horseback.". The rest of the horse home soldiers see, and looked at not yet fully awake ma Dai, also have to throw down their weapons, kneel down. Zhaoyun and tardif see marten down archers have no trace, don't know where to flee to, and see there are many horse home in the foot soldiers, discussed it decided not to chase marten, the catch ma Dai is a great work. Taishici ordered his lieutenant to confiscate the weapons and tie up the soldiers of the Ma family. Then he said to Zhao Yun, "Zilong has made a great contribution. When he returns to the city of Wan, he will invite someone to drink." Zhao Yun replied with a smile, "I have to thank Ziyi for giving this credit to Yun. It's all right to drink." Taishi Ci laughed and said, "Well, we'll go back to the city. Ci will tell Lao Hu and Lao Zhou the good news." Then ignore zhaoyun, led the flying feather bow ride with MaJiaJun foot soldiers at Changan city. When Zhao Yun heard this, he shamelessly beat a few times. Then he showed a smile that was uglier than crying. He said to Captain Qinbing, "Go back to Chang'an." QinBing captain should with a smile, rate the army with ma Dai followed zhaoyunwang Changan. At the same time, he mourned for Zhao Yun in front of him and the elated Taishi Ci, saying, "General Taishi is also ruthless. I'm afraid this time Miss Zhao will not only make trouble for General Zhao, but also for himself." 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