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Licking his lips, Linzi walked slowly to the outside of the thatched shed, and then bowed to the young man sitting on the ground, dressed in simple clothes, with a calm face and an unimpressive appearance. From Lin Ya, he knew who the person who wanted to see him was, the true supreme ancestor of the Lin Hu clan, the only existing ancestor who has survived from the era of the Great Disruption, and the true ancestor of the blood of the tiger clan. You What should I call this? Lin Qi a little distressed to scratch the forehead, the age difference is too much, Lin Qi simply do not know how to call the ancestor of the ancestor. The era of the Great Disruption, ah, was an era of myth and legend, and suddenly seeing the people who survived from that year,eye cream packaging tube, Rao Linqi was well-informed and bold, and he was a little stiff. The young man smiled. He gently put the sleeping tiger cub in a grass nest beside him. Then he waved to Lin Qi and said, "Sit down. I don't have anything to entertain guests here. Sit down casually." Lin Qi looked around and sat helplessly on the ground outside the thatched shed. The thatched shed was enough to shelter the young man from the wind and rain, and Lin Qi did not have enough space to sit in it. Anyway, there are clean beaches made of tiny pebbles near the thatched huts,cosmetic tube, and it's nothing to sit down on the ground. Linzi! The young man looked at Lin Qi with a smile and nodded slowly: "Thank you for helping us make up our minds!"! Not my own family, not my own family after all, I finally found an excuse to clean them up. That's all right! Linzi coughed. He looked at the young man with a strange face. "Got an excuse?" The young man hesitated for a moment, then sighed softly and began to talk to himself slowly. You haven't experienced those years, so you may not understand a lot of things. Call me indecisive, call me womanly. That I don't take the lives of my family seriously. As a matter of fact, if the five clansmen really want to eradicate them, they will go up in smoke in a word, but I really can't be that cruel! A long, long time ago, plastic laminted tube ,polyfoil tube, even I have forgotten how many years. Uh. It was a chaotic year that people dare not recall. "Hurricanes, tsunamis, meteorites, sudden eruptions of volcanoes, poisonous gases floating everywhere, resentful spirits running all over the ground, countless strange creatures killing crazily.." In the boundless ocean, the continents suddenly sank. A new continent has sprung up. "In short.". It was a precarious time. When you lie down at night, no matter how strong you are. You don't even know if you're gonna open your eyes again. I saw with my own eyes that several of my brothers and sisters were suddenly swallowed up by the cracked earth when they were resting at night, and the poisonous inflammation of the earth's core burned them to ashes in an instant. "It was really hard to survive at that time!" The young man sighed faintly and patted his forehead forcefully. To be exact, as you may have guessed, the five clansmen of the clan are not actually members of our Lin clan. You see, the blood method handed down from our family doesn't fit with them. They have cultivated Xuanhu strength, but they are always weaker than their own family members in the same realm! Their character and disposition are not in tune with the disciples of their own family. "They are, I should say, my elders, the retinue of my elders."? Or the blood left by his subordinates. "In those years when no one knew whether they could survive, they followed our Lin clan and struggled hard to continue their blood.". Several times, it was because their elders saved my life that I lived to this day. "So, because their elders saved you!" Lin Qi looked helplessly at the ancestor of the family: "So, you can't be cruel to them?" The young man spread out his hands helplessly: "I also fell in love with one of their female elders. It was the first time in my life that I fell in love with a woman.". She died to save me! Can you tell me how I can be cruel to her descendants under such circumstances? "Chapter 1367 of the Age of Light: The Task of the First Ancestor (2)" Linzi clicked his mouth and said nothing for a long time. " But you can't do things without doing them! The young man breathed a heavy sigh of relief: "The clansmen of the tiger clan have our constraints, but they follow the rules and seldom produce that kind of bastard.". In other words, the people of the tiger clan have been fighting against heaven and earth since childhood, and they have no chance to become bastards when they grow up. "But they can't!" The young man sighed bitterly again and again: "They? I can't take care of them. Their strength is too weak relative to their own people. I don't expect them to become a force to suppress the absolute territory.". Therefore, they gradually grasped the internal power of the family. When we find out that they are gradually changing and have become seemingly divorced from their own family. "You should kill them!" Linzi gave a dry hum. I can't make up my mind! The young man looked at Linzi frankly and said, "I really can't do this.". Every time I convene this matter, but every time I think of those who died because of me. I really can't make a decision to kill their children and grandchildren. "So many of my clansmen have been badly entrapped by them!" Lin Qi stared at the young man and said, "You can't treat your children and grandchildren as one thing just because you have many children and grandchildren!"! Had it not been for my good luck, I would have had some strength to save my life, and I would have been cheated by them in the Winged Man's Extinction! The young man spread out his hands. "So you helped me make up my mind!" " Staring at Lin Qi, the young man said bluntly, "Those foxes gave me advice on the" era of light ". They said that they would indulge them and let them do evil. It was like an abscess. Maybe I didn't want to do it to him at first, but when the abscess grew bigger and bigger,eye cream packing tube, it finally made me feel painful, so I simply cut it off!"! So from thousands of years ago, I began to indulge them! 。 emptycosmetictubes.com